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Real representation for everyone in Woolwich

A lifelong resident of Maryhill and graduate of the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Kayla Grant is running for township council because she believes Woolwich could benefit from younger voices.


“I think it’s important to have a town council that reflects our community,” she says. “ This area is growing with young professionals and families, and I feel that our voices aren’t being heard.”


At 34 Kayla has graduated with a diploma in journalism from Conestoga College and Masters of Arts in Global Governance and History from Waterloo’s two leading-edge universities – the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University.


Kayla has developed experience in the community working as a political reporter for the Waterloo Region Rural Post, a social media manager, and a small business owner.  She currently works as a policy communication specialist for the Co-Operators. A member of both the Waterloo Historical Society and the Maryhill Historical Society, she hopes to use her experience to bring more focus to underserved areas like Maryhill and Breslau, while helping to maintain a civil and compassionate council.


“I think we’ve seen some councillors check out during their service,” she said. “When you’re not passionate about the job that begins to show in how you speak to and treat people, and in how engaged you are with the day-to-day work.”


Kayla wants to use her time on council to be a more engaged advocate for local residents' concerns, work towards a stronger representation for the communities outside of Elmira, and push for more green initiatives throughout the township.


“For years I’ve heard my neighbours speak about feeling forgotten by the township,” she said. “I’d like to change that.”


Animals have a special place in Kayla’s heart and when she’s not working or being active in the community, she enjoys training her dogs to compete in sporting events, and helping others to train dogs as well at a local obedience school in Guelph.

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