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A statement on Coun. Martin's comments

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022


As a member of the 2SLGBTQA+ community, I’ve needed the last 24 hours to think about how to respond to Coun. Murray Martin’s statements at a Woolwich Township Council meeting on Monday night. I’m incredibly disheartened to see one of our local representatives dismiss and belittle members of our community, and saddened by the harm those statements have caused.

Woolwich Township is a place where everyone should feel welcome, regardless of their gender expression or sexual orientation. Our representatives have a responsibility to ensure everyone feels safe and respected in the places they live and work, and that they feel included in this community.

In his comments Monday night, Coun. Martin called same-sex relationships a “lifestyle,” said that being part of the 2SLGBTQA+ was “not correct,” and said that using a rainbow as a symbol of diversity, inclusiveness, and a fight for the rights of everyone was “trashing” it.

These views are abhorrent at any time, but especially so in a day and age when we know showing inclusiveness and respect for all people is imperative for good mental health and creating safe spaces in our community.

I am a candidate for Ward 3 where Coun. Martin is also running as an incumbent. His intolerable public cruelty does not reflect the community I know and love. Woolwich Township and the residents of Ward 3 deserve a representative that speaks to their values and shows respect and kindness to everyone. I refuse to stand idle when hate speech is expressed in our public forums. Statements like the ones made at Monday’s meeting are inexcusable.

Our representatives need to do better.

I will put my full support behind the proposed crosswalk and other initiatives to make underrepresented voices heard in this community, but more than that, I promise that if elected, I will continue to be a voice for those that need it. We are in this together.

If you are experiencing distress or need someone to talk to about this issue, please feel free to reach out to myself or use the resources provided by Spectrum, Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space, with crisis links found here:

For more information please contact:

Kayla Grant


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